Eco-friendly Ways to Stay Healthy
July 2017
It's never been easier to green your healthy living routine. Here are eco-friendly health and fitness tips.
  • Do away with cotton

    The problem: Cotton is a huge water waster. Did you know it takes a whopping 400 gallons of water to grow the cotton required to make one t-shirt?

    The solution: Many designers for home and fashion have swapped cotton for bamboo. Not only is bamboo greener, it's also softer and wicks moisture and harmful bacteria away from the skin. It's one of the greenest and healthiest ways you can green your every day routine.

  • Scale down your beauty routine

    The problem: One of the easiest ways to go green, and improve your health, is by cutting back on the number of beauty products you use every day.

    The solution: Start by buying products that have a two-in-one capability, like shampoo plus conditioner, or look for items that are organic and eco-friendly. Packaging can also be a problem; be sure to buy from lines that limit their wrapping.

  • Exercise outdoors

    The problem: While gyms are a convenient place to work out, but hard on the environment as most of the exercise machines stay plugged in all night.

    The solution: Get outside for your workouts. From riding your bike to going for a run, it's much more eco-friendly. On top of that, research shows spending time outside will naturally boost your spirit and will help decrease stress.

  • Let sunshine in

    The problem: Turning on the light when the sun sets is a huge drain on energy and can confuse your circadian rhythm (the biological clock we all live by).

    The solution: Spend as much time outside as you can during the day and, when you're inside, situate yourself by a window so you can soak up some of the sun's rays, even as it sets. Also, avoid turning on the lights as soon as the sun starts setting; the darkening sky is a cue for your body to get into bedtime mode. Limit the lights you use and, if you have dimmer switches, keep them at a low to medium intensity.