Staying active this summer
Jan - Mar 2018
The summer heat and sunshine allows us to get outside and switch our workouts. This summer, let's challenge ourselves and get out of our fitness comfort zone and find new outdoor fitness activities.
Remember to stay safe. Bring the necessary safety equipment for your outdoor activity. If you are spending time under the sun, make sure you bring sunblock, shades, and a wide-brimmed hat. Also remember to bring drinking water to keep yourself properly hydrated.
Hit the water
Swimming is one of the most effective workout around. Bonus, the water will keep you cool while you exercise and work on your tan!
Do a playground workout
Take your kids to the local playground. Use the monkey bars to tone your arms, the parallel bars for dips, incorporate some squats, and you’ve worked your body!
Make it game time!
Get the family or some friends together and play! Kid games like tag, hop scotch, and hula hooping are serious workouts!
Hit the field!
Sports are an enjoyable way to spend time with friends and family while getting a great workout without even noticing!
Workout with a view
Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities. Hiking is an effective cardiovascular workout that seriously works your legs!
Go for a ride!
Enjoy nature trails and cityscapes as you tone your legs, strengthen your core, and get your heart rate pumping!
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